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Let us help you with your swimming pool! 

Having grown up with swimming pools, we understand the relationship between a home owner and their pool. Sometimes you host a party or perhaps take respite from your busy life by relaxing in the sun. Sometimes you get a sunburn because you spend half an hour skimming out all the grass the lawnmower blew into the pool...

The Pool Company has been serving local pool owners for years. Not only do we assist pool owners directly; we are frequently sub-contracted as specialists by major pool builders to assist on their more challenging equipment set-ups.

In backyards we often hear stories of other companies that take advantage of customers by cutting corners, overcharging, selling unnecessary services, skipping appointments, etc. It seems everyone has their own poolguy nightmare story to tell.

You want to hire a company that can be trusted in your backyard oasis; you want to know they’re going to treat your investment as if it was their own.

I believe pool customers deserve better than what they’ve been getting; they deserve a new class of pool service. Effective service integrates top-notch training and down-to-earth business practices. At The Pool Company, we believe in trust, reliability, experience, and consistency.

Knowledge is power, and its also the best investment you’ll ever make in your pool!

Contact The Pool Company today to book your service!

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I started in the pool industry in 2012 as a technician for Hayward Pool Products Canada. I made training and learning my foundations as I grew within the company. Upon completing my HBSc as a Chemistry Specialist at the University of Toronto, I founded The Pool Company.

William Humphrey, President & Owner

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