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Image by Murilo Viviani


The fun begins! You want to start enjoying your pool as soon as possible, so leave it to the experts.

​$315 (including initial chemical treatment)

2-3 hours

+$50 for waterfalls

+$50 for Badu

+$45 per additional pump

+$95 for spillover spas

+$150-$250 for tarps -includes pumping water off cover, brushing, scooping and removing cover. Price range depends on time required to clean and remove cover.

Opening service includes:

  • Remove, Clean, and Pack Winter Cover

  • Re-install Jets, Baskets, and Ladders

  • Brush Walls, Stairs, and Bottom of Pool

  • Pack Winterization Plugs, Gizmos

  • Clean Deck and Equipment Area

  • Prime and Test System (pump, filter, heater, salt system, automation)

  • Add Chlorine and Balance pH

We offer initial vacuuming for $150, these visits can be booked after the opening is complete.

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