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At The Pool Company, we offer a spectrum of care plans. Our customers deserve products that match their needs and budget.

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Most service companies only offer service on a contractual basis so you are tied in for the season. We offer 3 different packages, ranging from simple chemistry management to full cleaning & maintenance services, and you can start, stop, upgrade or downgrade service at any time

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There is no right or wrong package to choose from, as we have found each household is unique and you deserve to choose a package that suits your needs.

All of our packages are for weekly service only. We find that with bi-weekly service, you may be able to get away with a few weeks here and there without issues, but with fluctuating extreme temperatures and wild storms that can pass through, customers end up paying double or triple in the cost of chemicals needed to re-balance a pool that has not been tested or treated after 2 weeks.

We always recommend customers purchase a robotic cleaner - especially those looking at the Tadpole or Trout packages. Robotic cleaners are fantastic at self-cleaning your pool which is essential for good chemistry management. Please contact us for recommendations and purchase options for robotic cleaners. 

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If you're interested in weekly service but unsure if you fall within the orange borders - please don't hesitate to reach out. Sometimes we start venturing into new territory so it's worth a shot to get in contact with us!

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