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Pool closings are serious business! Canadian winters can be rough on our pools, so hiring a professional for closings is critical. We have extensive knowledge and experience closing fiberglass, concrete and vinyl pools.

​$385 (including chemicals)

2-5 hours

  • Drain Pool if Appropriate

  • Winterizing chemicals added as needed

  • Remove Baskets, Jets, Ladders, Toys

  • Blowout and Vacuum All Plumbing and Pool Equipment (Pump, Filter, Heater, Salt System)

  • Treat System with Non-Toxic Antifreeze

  • Install Cover

+$50 for waterfalls

+$45 per additional pump

+$75 Autofill

+$95 for spillover spas 

+$150 for Badu Swim Spas

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Many of our new customers ask us "when is the right time to close my pool?" It comes down to a matter of preference and comfort with cold seasons. If you're looking to extend your pool season and enjoy your spillover spa or experience a cold plunge surrounded by snow, the good news is you can keep your pool open safely by following a few precautions:

1. Keep up to date with maintaining your pool's chemistry

2. Be prepared to scoop falling leaves if there is a lot of tree coverage

3. If there are cooler weeks forecasted and you know you won't be using the pool, you can turn your heater low (65-70F), or even turn it off to conserve energy. As long as temperatures are above 50F, you do not risk any damage to your pool

Following these tips can usually help you extend your season for another 4-6 weeks, however keep in mind that all outdoor pools without enclosures will require winterization/closing during the dead of winter. 

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